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RT @grescoe: One way to deal with the plague of “supercars” in city streets: noise cameras. This one in #London caught a Range Rover blarin…

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RT @Nauris85106146: Tikmēr Rīgā tas būtu genocīds. https://t.co/ByZtKFZu4U

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RT @neiltyson: No.

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RT @PlayStationUK: There's a boss fight out there

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RT @WGME: Goose flying upside down is simply showing off, say experts https://t.co/9TRTeTK9U3

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RT @9to5mac: Fitness Totals for iOS enhanced with widget themes, comparable bar charts, more https://t.co/hLa0JY4Zhp

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RT @WholeMarsBlog: Combustion cars are so loud, they smell so bad, they’re so bad for your health… Once people realize that a car doesn’t…

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RT @OwenSparks_: Our Tesla avoided an accident with a car + trailer this thursday while on autopilot. Seems like the other person wasn’t lo…

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RT @MikeHudema: These 100 companies are responsible for 71% of all CO2 emissions in the world. This is where we need to start. It's that si…

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@Kaspars_Zn @VilnisKirsis https://t.co/epl2ubCCAS

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RT @PlayStationEU: Today is your last chance to claim July's PlayStation Plus games! Add A Plague Tale: Innocence, COD Black Ops 4 and WWE…

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Šodien, 2.augustā, pie mums iedarbojusies trauksmes signalizācija un veikta pircēju un darbinieku evakuācija. Signalizācijas nostrādāšanas iemesls tiek skaidrots, informācija sekos.

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RT @gematsucom: Team ASOBI launches official website, teases “most ambitious game yet” in development https://t.co/XrQMmhNMlu https://t.co/…

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