12.07.2019 1 ziņas

Pavel Shevchuk
(18:09:44) links

Anyone else coming to play today? https://t.co/esOGKAq5rp

11.07.2019 4 ziņas

Pavel Shevchuk
(23:01:20) links

@janis_tm @Kaspars_Zn Dzemdēt pie stūres vēl trūka

Pavel Shevchuk
(22:58:04) links

This particular branch is only open until 10pm :( #nanovlog #discount #kebab #ilovehelmets https://t.co/UssFU9Iwzh

Pavel Shevchuk
(17:12:17) links

RT @twobitidiot: I don't understand how some people can be skeptical of proof-of-work and call it wasteful, then go and buy a diamond for t…

Oleg Kertanov
(13:29:40) links

Вот за 15 секунд до побега :) https://t.co/7Jv9cQqgqn