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Pavel Shevchuk
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RT @RetroMultiplayr: Open event this friday, June 14th. 0/8 PCs reserved. https://t.co/xWizWVvVic

Oleg Kertanov
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Кéмерские болотá вчерá. https://t.co/NquXXV4pin

Oleg Kertanov
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Приемный Васюта стал просто царь. Как говорила моя бабушка: "вилюднiв". То есть стал человеком и вышел в люди из-за… https://t.co/DUKx4J1ErV

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Pavel Shevchuk
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RT @Pornhub: RT if you can't hear the TV over the sound of your chips

Alasdair Znyder
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5 of 5 stars to Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey https://t.co/jPFO3YFpa1

Pavel Shevchuk
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RT @NickForster4: @claudiascore @PlasticPlanners Tram signs in Melbourne. Love these. https://t.co/2KBZL4XQgX