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Oleg Kertanov
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RT @worrydream: James Clerk Maxwell wrote the Encyclopedia Britannica entry for "Diagram". It contains two diagrams. https://t.co/8LcBTje5be

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Не думал что скажу это когда-либо, но peugeot 508 gt 2019 адски красивый. Та, куда там Civic type-r'у текущему. Пер… https://t.co/TxVYmlPzSp

Oleg Kertanov
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"I can Port from Python -> Common Lisp at a rate of ~100 LoC per hour..."

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Pavel Shevchuk
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“Mūsu Bērnība” on Facebook. #youngtimer #lada #2101 #toys #pedalcar #vintage https://t.co/eHs3aclPwz

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Pavel Shevchuk
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RT @RetroMultiplayr: Open event this friday, May 10th. https://t.co/sv7LbsfmE1

Pavel Shevchuk
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Brace yourselves, my stupid nanovlogs are coming. #insta360 #paddle #unboxing https://t.co/6c7Lppryle

Oleg Kertanov
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RT @iamdevloper: Running `cd` without immediately running `ls` is like ordering a Big Mac without fries. I've not seen it done before.