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Pavel Shevchuk
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RT @RetroMultiplayr: Open event this friday, July 5th. 0/8 PCs reserved. https://t.co/XcmWWff9zM

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RT @MeredithFrost: 140,000 visuals of outer space are free to the public in @NASA's image library: https://t.co/fNyiHtn03T https://t.co/GBl…

Pavel Shevchuk
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RT @Pat_Stedman: Guys - if you spend your 20s consciously exploring and maturing, your 30s will be a golden decade.

Oleg Kertanov
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Вчера было 20 км вело и был ядерный закат. Уже ветер довольно сильный, похоже, что нас ждут дожди на неделе. Вчера… https://t.co/kZS4PHwiRO

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Почему-то раздражают люди на самокатах


Pavel Shevchuk
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RT @ID_AA_Carmack: Reading a book about Kyudo (Japanese archery) has me imagining a world where gaming didn’t advance exponentially, and t…