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RT @notjustbikes: In Amsterdam, all children are required to take swimming lessons, and that includes swimming in clothes and shoes. In a…

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RT @smartertrader: If I was zuck I’d do this. It ends the social issue. If you have a fb Acct you can have it free if you allow us to…

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RT @TSLAQQ: @alex_avoigt Extremely sad. The management let the workers down by sticking to ICE and now the workers perceive companies that…

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RT @alex_avoigt:

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RT @RedmondPie: WhatsApp Web Dark Mode: Here's How To Get It Now https://t.co/fBexknWM2S https://t.co/rJvSZbTnTQ

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RT @FormigaRica: Legacy automakers just don't want make good EVs... Mercedes decided to block driver's door while charging... Holy crap...

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#TAGAD arī lielisks piedāvājums Klienta kartei – no 8. līdz 10. novembrim iegādājies to ar 3-kāršu atlaidi (tikai par 2 EUR) un uzkrāj 3-kāršus punktus! Savu jauno Domina Shopping Klienta karti saņem informācijas centrā dažu minūšu laikā. ➡ https://t.co/nKMBoDrdHr https://t.co/OLm4Na6OUo

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RT @BlackHalt: Tiešraide: mediķu protests pie Saeimas https://t.co/2gFfThCu3h

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Neliels ieskats par AirPods PRO. #thread https://t.co/rrYVRCdxQs

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RT @UE: - Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced that the company would ban all political ads on its platform. - Environmental groups’ climate-…

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RT @ColdwildGames: send help

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RT @elonmusk: Cybertruck unveil on Nov 21 in LA near SpaceX rocket factory

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RT @juuurmalniece: @miculis @veselibasmin Tieši tā! Tas ir absurds, ka vitamīns, kurš trūkst lielākajai daļai iedzīvotāju nav bezmaksas..

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RT @ElectrekCo: VW CEO Diess says batteries are better than hydrogen, calls for carbon price https://t.co/7R1JrZd5Xv https://t.co/nWfQIP99eA

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Approved projects are to invest over €100 million into the economy and these projects are expected to create over 700 new full-time jobs and supplement Malta’s export by over €900 million by 2022. https://t.co/VcbWpjZ1jM

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RT @RedmondPie: Apple TV+ 4K Streaming Quality Is Highest Among Competitors https://t.co/4nep1GOYtH https://t.co/9wHBsLgpkJ