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Tackling Authentication With Vue Using RESTful APIs - https://t.co/TUHIHXpAPO Vue can’t actually do authentication all by itself, so we’ll be using another service (Firebase) for that, but then integrating the whole experience in Vue. #webdesign #webdesigner #webdev #webdeveloper https://t.co/271EN1

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5 Essential Free UI Kits for Mobile App Designers - https://t.co/tn2QFFrFmT A roundup of some of the most fascinating UI kits for mobile app designers, which will make app design a breeze. #webdesign #webdesigner #webdev #webdeveloper #webdevelopment https://t.co/3fsWwmPmpb

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5 Reasons to Avoid the Desktop Hamburger Menu Icon - https://t.co/Rm6xtl4jAs Why would you do it? Other than to maintain or establish a certain aesthetic, it’s hard to find an answer that makes any sense. #webdesign #webdesigner #webdev #webdeveloper #webdevelopment https://t.co/zToaLnV4cA

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@krizdabz @skatsnokoka @LusisToms Mute. Vienmēr pa laikam var apskatīties kā rasisms Latvijā vēl dzīvs!


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A Website Proposal Template That Will Impress Your Clients - https://t.co/7BVZu9APYJ Everything you need to know about website proposal templates — what they are, why you should use them, and how to build one that will have people paying attention. #webdesign #webdesigner #webdev https://t.co/RLfctE

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RT @liana_langa: @JanaSima @ervinsk @vaivarei @jarinovska @AnsisEgle @STRATCOMCOE @janis_sarts @rebaltica @DelfiLV @lsmlv Pietiek ar izprat…

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RT @muksimovs: Kremļa medijiem šis viedoklis patiktos. Kad visiem “sava taisnîba”, tad meli arî kļūst par “taisnību”. https://t.co/RQMijLAX…

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Creating Custom #WordPress Gutenberg Blocks Without JavaScript - https://t.co/zPdeodXAzT In today's post, we'll look at tools that allow you to create your own custom blocks & implement them into your existing theme. #webdesign #webdesigner #webdev #webdeveloper #webdevelopment https://t.co/uSRG

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RT @tomgauld: 'Rearranging my Bookshelves' (my cartoon for yesterday's @guardian review). p.s. my new book of science cartoons is out now:…

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RT @GeePawHill: I use spikes, periods of code-changing activity that end with no pushes, all the time, at small scale and large, as a way t…

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RT @stevesi: // Having grown up in Orlando, I know every small change at Disney is met w/ massive pushback. Masks are no different.

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RT @AdamRackis: My god this is perfect. https://t.co/ZYWAcQfm1L

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Interesants sižets, kā Latvijā žipčiki dibinājuši universitāti un izdala visādus diplomus -@Nekapersoniga

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Latvian TV: Lost Latvian-built drone that took off on its own found in a forest treetop. Civil aviation authorities will download its data to determine why the drone, that can fly up to 90 hours, went out of control.

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This is Latvia

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RT @jarinovska: Kāda jēga @STRATCOMCOE @janis_sarts, cīņai pret viltus ziņām un faktu pārbaudei, ko veic @rebaltica un @DelfiLV, ja @lsmlv

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RT @RexChapman: 26-seconds of brilliance from Fred Willard in Anchorman — beginning to end. Rest, Sir. https://t.co/CFLkNHNerX