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RT @MichaelBKelley: ‘The weapon the Russians used against our democracy was one always located on these shores. They sought out the all-Ame…

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KNAB darbinieki pēc kratīšanas pamet Rīgas domi ar lieliem melniem saiņiem -laipni vīri, apkopēja palūdza, vai aize… https://t.co/j0Q3bgtZ4v

Aleksandrs Borovenskis
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Hitting the road this week for the @VivaTech in Paris ✈️ by ways of Berlin and Amsterdam—to connect w/ marketers, s… https://t.co/SgXdgKthvz

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Free Condensed Fonts for Designers: https://t.co/epFyTtlJhn https://t.co/unCp1OLoSd

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Anti-corruption agents detain the head of Riga’s Tourism Development Agency, waste, fictitious employees suspected.

Janis Krums
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RT @BillSimmons: Can’t stop watching this https://t.co/yGXmSn5LsJ

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RT @swibcon: Who would make a great keynote speaker for #swib19 ? What do you think?

Uldis Bojars
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RT @cm_harlow: Everyone at #elag2019 + beyond - put forward a proposal for SWIB! It doesn't have to be strictly Semantic Web work! We want…

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The attack on women’s freedom of choice by the forced birthers continues. https://t.co/0Cf0MRiLcn

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Izrādās tomēr taisnība, ka Latvijas ultralabējie troļļi un Krievijas dezinformācijas aktivitātes iet neformālā kops… https://t.co/6JJZ5lIc1a

Janis Krums
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Never before happened filing a story to a news agency I string for blocked by Gmail in some incredible fuckup. Went… https://t.co/tibMORxW2y

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RT @swibcon: The final #swib19 submission countdown is running, 17 days to go: https://t.co/4xwSjEHg2e

Uldis Bojars
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RT @AricToler: On May 6, a couple of Kazakh activists wondered if they would be arrested for pretending to hold a protest sign, one-upping…

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RT @TaePhoenix: If you think locking up or executing women for having abortions or miscarriages is a good idea, you are a *forced birth ext…

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Vai sodīt (piedodiet leksiku) “žīdi ir nešķīsti” vai (simboliski rādīt) “Dievmāte ir par LGBT” lemjam pēc kādiem kr… https://t.co/ysyn43n7Rx

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RT @treatyobrain: Putting physical consequences aside, does anyone even realize the psychological toll pregnancy has on a woman?? Post-par…

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More Google fun with Lithuanian elections : European Commissioner Vytenis Povilas Andriukaitis, who is nominated fo… https://t.co/Y6ZF6RBkrz

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When you have to cover Lithuanian elections with Google Translate: "Voters rush to polling stations: complaining about strange behavior"

Janis Krums
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RT @coinmine: Bitcoin just broke $7K!!