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The Economist | Watchdogs in the doghouse via @TheEconomist Vindictive Trump? https://t.co/BsnOZCADt6

Artis Schlossberg
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RT @SwitHak: Good talk from @RidT about Active Measures. I like the part on TSB in the Q/A. Definitively a good work and worth the time to…

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RT @IlvesToomas: Vladimir Putin gets the history wrong, writes Ian Ona Johnson of @NotreDame. Stalin helped rearm Germany, then assisted in…

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RT @NTenzer: Something that one should neither forget nor forgive: Putin's war against #Ukraine has killed more than 14,000. It's at the ve…

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“[Kā] jau kārtīgā VDK piesegorgnizācijā, visus vadošos amatus [VDD] ieņēma vecie čekisti, bet par pašu galveno nozīmēja kādu viegli ap pirkstu aptinamu nečekistu.” Vai tas atbilst patiesībai? https://t.co/91cjMtLvVY

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Pensilvānijā visu laiku bijis islams? @MyronGainezzz @Eriks_the_Great Vai arī pie kristiešiem tā notika? https://t.co/KeA7FXHKoA

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The Economist | The tables not yet turned via @TheEconomist@ProtestsYouth⁩ Te arī par food waste. https://t.co/RCS6HBkSX8

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RT @KentBeck: https://t.co/HtMfgXE1zD

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I just published May 8 or May 9, it’s what happened from May 10 and later that matters https://t.co/0eZVD93tV4 My view on celebrating the end of twio "different" wars.

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Never forget. May the peace be with you. https://t.co/hiJSx0PTXo https://t.co/9VE3nzrPuR

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Meanwhile in Latvia.. Minister for Health Ilze @Vinkele has played a live DJ set on @Twitch: https://t.co/p1E4ACGvpJ

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Angliski par NA un JKP memorandu: "The NA/JKP memo is something the populist Who Owns the State (KPV) could join in on, but it looks like the two center-right parties decided to do some serious political organ-grinding without the monkey."

Artis Schlossberg
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RT @IvetaBuike: Tas brīdis, kad sabmedija (?!) žurnālistei (?) šķiet, ka boļševiku organizētā valsts apvērsuma sākumā Krievijā bija demokrā…

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Has Trump Reached the Lying-to-Himself-and-Believing-It Stage? May have a point ⁦@rossetto⁩ ? https://t.co/xWTzBZ5Evb

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Do check out my Medium post on Latvia extending its state of emergency but easing restrictions on public gatherings and shopping mall openings. "Clap" at the end if you like it. https://t.co/ePbLi2pTns