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Janis Krums
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RT @SouthPark: Watch the full episode - https://t.co/oktKSJdI9i @THR article - https://t.co/nXrtmnwCJB https://t.co/Xj5a1yE2eL

Uldis Bojars
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RT @amyhoy: feeling left out of #inktober so i thought why not sketch out an interface idea i have been musing on?? https://t.co/K9fy8a0JYF

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Ways to Improve Communication with Your Clients: https://t.co/XhVJcmyUpK https://t.co/gpDGTGDSD7

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Peter Krumins
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I just launched https://t.co/Mj27vyKEkT with dozens of useful utilities for doing various Unicode operations. You can extract code points and graphemes, convert Unicode to various encodings, generate and filter Unicode data, and much more.

Janis Krums
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RT @TStellingwerff: 1/ I thought I would wait until Doha 2019 World Champs were over, before giving my thoughts on the hot weather – as hav…

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RT @RashaAlAqeedi: I'm guessing this is what "we have no long-term strategic interests in northern Syria" looks like: -subjecting a nation,…

Uldis Bojars
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Ar pārējiem mērķiem viss OK, bet R&D izdevumu ziņā esam pat zem 2008. gada rādītājiem! https://t.co/RjNhX5QWIS

Uldis Bojars
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RT @J_Hermanis: Latvijas

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RT @Refugees: The main reason people are stateless is because of discrimination. Because of their ethnicity. Because of their religion. Bec…

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Trump betrays Kurdish forces that helped defeat ISIS, will let Kurdish autonomy/independence hostile Turkey go into Syrian territory they hold with 1000 ISIS prisoners that got… through Turkey.

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Tramps uzmetis kurdu spēkus, kas karoja pret ISIS Sīrijā, ļaujot kurdu autonomijai/neatkarībai naidīgās Turcijas spēkiem ieiet viņu teritorijā. Tur gūstā kādi 1000 ISIS karotāji, kas ienāca Sīrija caur Turciju. Kāda jēga?


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Our biggest fans this week: tas_pats_lv, uzhosnah, latvianliberal. Thank you! via https://t.co/hQk94OJGQ9 https://t.co/zWPrMhXcry

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