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Raimonds Simanovskis
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RT @eazybi: Going to Atlassian Open in Vienna? Visit eazyBI booth and discover how custom reporting can facilitate your team’s and business…

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Tiem, kas jūsmo par autoritārismu. The Economist | The entanglement of powers https://t.co/TlBjkCva6A

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#Wikipedia still seems down in Latvia.

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Latvijas tvitertroļļiem kas vaimanā, ja viņus atmasko un kritzē dērētu palasīt: https://t.co/ZpKG33ovnx

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RT @newrepublic: White conservatives hate nothing more than being told they don’t get to join in on what they perceive as the major benefit…

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Valmiera, Latvia business incubator head Jurgis Priedtis attacks Latvian TV cameraman fillming interview with Valmiera mayor. #journalismisnotacrime motherfucker!

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Uldis Bojars
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RT @UniverCurious: A group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope. https://t.co/uDTipPBoqr

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RT @RFERL: A Odesa-born Russian citizen knelt in apology to the parents of Ukrainian soldiers killed in the country's east. He says that as…

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RT @iamdevloper: Ah, finally a good description of Kubernetes https://t.co/dPE3xT3LDn

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✅ A stand-up where you speak while playing a ping pong match against the next speaker