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My week on Twitter

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Lawyers for Bank of Latvia governor Ilmars Rimšēvičs plead his immunity as European Central Bank council member on first day of his bribery and money laundering trial. This could delay proceedings.

Peter Krumins
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RT @billpollock: Learn you some *nix, cheap. https://t.co/8gzL5QJiNq @nostarch

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LETA Jaunā Rīgas teātra ēkas rekonstrukcijai paredzētos septiņus miljonus eiro plāno novirzīt sabiedriskā transporta zaudējumu segšanai - no viens fak-apa citam fak-apam?

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RT @micheldumontier: We are looking to fill 2 PhD positions on the topic of knowledge graphs, as part of the knowgraphs MSC training networ…

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■ 5,889 of the president’s tweets — more than half — have attacked someone or something. ■ 1,710 of his tweets have promoted conspiracies. NYT


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NYT on Trump on Twitter: "his account to announce policies, attack rivals and amplify a stream of disinformation, retweeting suspicious accounts and lending credibility to white nationalists, anti-Muslim bigots and otherwise obscure conspiracy theorists."

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Our biggest fans this week: GaumigsJoks, SilvijaKrebs, uzhosnah. Thank you! via https://t.co/hQk94OJGQ9 https://t.co/W9GUqgndP3

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RT @mmcintire: @karenyourish @larrybuch 5/ More than half of his own tweets -- 5,589 of them -- were attacks on everything from the Russia…

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RT @ScriptAutomate: Whoa, don't miss out on some seriously good books in here by these folks: @pitrh @CarlaSchroder @pkrumins @michaelrash

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RT @mmcintire: 1/ NEW: We examined each of President Trump’s 11,000+ tweets (so you don’t have to) and the ways he finds things on Twitter.…

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RT @nytimes: Many of President Trump's tweets promoted conspiracy theories or tried to erode faith in democratic institutions. He has tweet…

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RT @nytimes: President Trump has tweeted praise of dictators more than a hundred times, while complaining nearly twice as much about Americ…

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RT @nycmarathon: The Verrazzano Bridge will soon be taken over by more than 52,000 runners as they embark on their 26.2-mile journey across…