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Sleepy Saturday Sigulda #fog #mist #silenthill #sigulda #siguldaaizrauj #latvia #nofilter #hills #overthehillsandfaraway https://t.co/7jyrVBZqwl https://t.co/NEtJXIaLHL

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https://t.co/2JlQOguaux Liek aizdomaties, ka gadījumi kur kreisi revolucionāras kustības lika katoļu priestērību grupveida pie sienas bija; protams, noziegums, bet nebija pilnīgi bez iemesla.

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Bīstaties no šariata nežēlības? Varbūt paskatīties ko darīja katoļu baznīca un valsts Īrijā: https://t.co/2JlQOguaux

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RT @PreetBharara: As POTUS, Trump technically also has the right to release (via Twitter) the names of intelligence assets, the movements o…

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Why did they have to cut Smallwood twice? https://t.co/9dYCN50zzW

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Hey, Latvian alt-right these are WHITE PEOPLE and UK citizens rioting: https://t.co/SQ6HfiFoMb

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Labi pasēdējām!

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Many are met with systematic dehumanization coupled with apathy in the places where they hoped they would be safe. - from https://t.co/2lw4VbiLBN

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Globally, more people have been forcibly displaced from their homes in the past five years than at any previous time in history, and more than half of the world’s 26 million refugees are children.

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Only weeks after it confirmed it would not give flu vaccines to families at border camps, the Trump administration quietly suspended delayed repatriation for severely ill children. America, in short, is ready to deport children with cancer.

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Children are crammed in sleeping areas too small for everyone to lie down, without blankets, in cold rooms where lights blare 24 hours a day, and frequent check-ins interrupt what little sleep they manage.

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According to these children, guards shout at and threaten toddlers and babies; there is often not enough to eat, and clean water is harshly rationed

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A lawsuit filed earlier this week in the US shows it in chilling detail: The dehumanization of asylum seekers and migrants is routine in detention camps—and it doesn’t spare children. (Tā viņiem vajag??).

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RT @MattiasInk: There is a piece of Belgium in my watercolour set, part of a large workshop doodle https://t.co/vtv5S0uK76