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RT @MaximEristavi: Europe is about to rollback key sanctions against Russia, fails to see catastrophic consequences. My latest op-ed drop…

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RT @kunicmarko20: Shoutout to all #drupal devs that export db every day (or multiple times a day

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RT @pimoroni: Follow and retweet for a chance to win one of five shiny new Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB), a Pibow Case, & Power Supply! Entries val…

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RT @LU_Datorika: Ir sākusies elektroniskā pieteikšanās bakalaura un koledžas līmeņa studijām portālā https://t.co/38rtoayFXI. Pieteikties k…

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RT @leonidragozin: It’s hard to underestimate the disappointment with European allies in Ukraine after PACE voted for restoring Russia’s vo…

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RT @navalny: Ну а в Питере избиркомы по прежнему закрыты. И если ты кандидат не от «Единой России», то хоть убейся, но документы ты подать…

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RT @quinnanya: My search for #DH Jupyter notebooks has turned up a lot already -- though almost entirely in Python, and mostly in English.…

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The Top 5 Myths About Being a Freelance Web Designer: https://t.co/oIWXt2st54 https://t.co/eZvkYpNLek

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RT @astroehlein: If you don't speak out when your government separates families & jails thousands of children… If you say nothing when y…

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RT @astroehlein: The Philippines’ descent into an all-out human rights crisis, with thousands of extrajudicial executions and a crackdown o…

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Our biggest fans this week: lastguru_net, Janamaja, uzhosnah. Thank you! via https://t.co/hQk94OJGQ9 https://t.co/3ywQwAWcoA